2013 SPIE Photonics West

SPIE Photonics West 2013 @ The Moscone Center, Sanfrancisco, USA on February 02-07, 2013

Sunyong Hwang's presentation Probing the efficiency droop with GaInN light-emitting triode: effect of hole-injection efficiency on droop behavior

Hyunah Kwon's presentation Enhanced performance of organic solar cells by using three-dimensional nanohelix-array electrods

Jun Hyuk Park's presentation Reduced efficiency droop of GaInN-based light-emitting diodes by using graded AlGaN/GaN superlattice electron blocking layers

Seung Hee Lee's presentation Enhancement of power conversion efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cells by hybridization of TiO2 nano-helixes array and nanoparticles

With Prof. Schubert

After conference...

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